Client Testimonials


“As a person looking to change careers after 10+ years, who didn’t know quite where to begin, Aimee has proven invaluable! From assistance with resume/cover letter, to LinkedIn tips and overall guidance on what to expect (and what would be expected from me) during the interview process she has been amazing. I cannot stress enough how easy she is to work with and how prompt and professional she is. She provides honest feedback, which is backed with an experience in the industry so it holds weight. For anyone struggling through this process, I strongly encourage you to not go it alone – take advantage of this wonderful resource!
~ Technical Project Manager

“I can’t say enough good things about Aimee. I have worked with her a number of times over the years and she is one of the best resources I have come across. She has a great approach and process that will challenge you, but will get you the results you are looking for. Also, I am convinced that she knows just about everyone in Portland.”
~ IT & Product Director

“My experience with Aimee was fantastic and ultimately led to a new position that was exactly what I was looking for. The clear and methodical approach was easy to execute, including specific direction on improvements to my resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter. During our mock interview I received clear feedback on how interact and answer questions more effectively. I have had no hesitation recommending Aimee to a number of my friends and coworkers.”
~ Merchandising Executive

“I feel great about hiring Aimee to revise my resume and fine tune my career goals. I felt like I was getting an experienced recruiter’s inside take on the qualities of a successful job applicant. Aimee was able to draw out skills and experience that weren’t obvious in my old resume that she knew were valuable for prospective employers to see. She asked probing questions that got me to reflect on my career goals. Her style of working together was productive and fast. I appreciated her candor and honesty and it helped my confidence during my job search. Thank you, Aimee!”
– Senior Manager & Product Strategist

“I was promoted to my new role as an HR Specialist and didn’t have that much experience with recruiting. My manager reached out to Aimee to get a suitable training for me in order to get more familiar with recruiting processes, etc. Aimee is very personable and very knowledgeable and gave me really great tips for my work. I really enjoyed our time spent together and would recommend Aimee as a great resource for targeted training for those seeking to learn recruiting best practices.”
– Human Resources Specialist / Recruiter

“Connecting and collaborating with Aimee has been great. I would highly recommend her as the process has accelerated and brought clarity to my search for new opportunities. She has helped in refining my goals, highlighting key areas of my experience and asking some tough questions along the way. If you are in need of career coaching, especially in the Pacific Northwest, Aimee should be at the top of your list.”
~ QA Engineer

“I reached out to Aimee for career coaching after recently being laid off and wanted to take that opportunity to clearly define the next steps in my career. I had a very good idea about what I wanted to do and why, but had basically no clue on how to get there. Aimee’s help was outstanding as she made very meaningful and practical recommendations, including the rework of my resume, improving my LinkedIn profile and helping me with extending my professional network. She has a very pragmatic and collaborative approach when it comes to create a plan of actions – be prepared to do your homework as she guides you through the process. Her broad expertise of the hiring process, human resource management and her deep knowledge of the startup landscape in the Pacific Northwest were simply phenomenal. This, in itself, provided me with the insights I needed to fill the gaps on how I could achieve my career goals. I heartily recommend Aimee to anyone needing career coaching and would no hesitate working with her again if I need some guidance in the future.”
~ Software Architect

“I was making a big change in my career field after over a decade. Aimee helped me translate a resume full of jargon and lots of ideas to focus on the next step in my career. It worked about as well I could imagine. I’ve found companies that are right inline with what I want to do and opportunities to grow because of her help articulating my story. If you are looking to switch careers or are having a hard time telling your story, do yourself a favor and reach out to Aimee! Working with her was fun and easy… not adjectives I ever thought that I would use to describe updating a resume. She just knows what is needed and how to focus on the right things.”
~ Chief Operating Officer

“Aimee is equally kind and professional. She works with you to get to the heart of what you are really going after – asking challenging questions when necessary. She then crafts your experience to position you for your next opportunity. I was floored by the transformation that remained factual but so much more powerful. Her professional network is extensive and she kindly introduces you to the right people to get you going. I am so glad I found her and I am telling everyone that needs a resume brush-up (and who doesn’t) about her. ”
~ Account Executive

Within a week of working together we had my resume and LinkedIn profile tuned up and ready for prime time. The insights and expertise she has from her work as a recruiter are tremendously helpful for today’s job seekers. I feel more confident moving forward in my search since working with Aimee and highly recommend her to others.”
~ Senior Curriculum Developer

Aimee has been a great help to me for years, but she really proved invaluable in my latest search. Specifically, Aimee’s industry connections and revamps to my resume and cover letter were extremely useful. Within weeks I was getting interviews that I hadn’t been getting previously and in just over a month I had been offered multiple positions including the one I ended up accepting.”
~ Sustainability Manager

“Aimee stands out from any recruiter and career coach I’ve ever worked with. She pays close attention to what you say during consultation and tries to capture the essence of your career goals when making recommendations in your job search. She will make sure your resume, LinkedIn profile, website, etc. communicate your best professional self. I loved her tips and tricks. I was able to find a job within weeks of my resume and LinkedIn makeover. Aimee was prompt, communicative, and there when I needed her. She is very dedicated to helping others and knows her stuff! Period. I highly recommend Aimee.”
~ Director of Global Services

“Aimee is a talented, personable, and results-driven career coach who has helped me tremendously in finding my next opportunity. She has excellent insight into everything job search related including resume and cover letter best practices, interview processes and networking opportunities. Aimee did an excellent job helping me rework my resume and career profile, highlighting my strengths and experience that were not as evident before. She also has the best networking advice and has connected me with so many great professionals in my field. I am amazed by her expertise, reliability, and amazing quality of work. I recommend Aimee to anyone looking for their next job opportunity!”
~ Marketing Manager

“Aimee’s experience and understanding of Portland’s market give her a unique edge in coaching creative and technical job seekers. Working with Aimee means never again wondering if your resume, cover letters, or online presence are preventing employers from noticing you.”
~ Web Developer

“I refer to Aimee as a “resume goddess”: Aimee has the wonderful talent to distill your experiences and strengths into a succinct form. Her process is loose enough to accommodate personal hangups, but she is diligent in keeping her clients on track. In the end – it all makes sense and meeting her finally in person is like a blind date with a wonderful outcome. A friend recommended Aimee to me and I will full-heartedly recommend her to other friends.”
~ Bicycling Advocate & Business Owner

“Aimee helped me get my career back on track after relocating to Portland. Her deep knowledge of recruiting, the local tech industry, and the current job market have proven invaluable in helping me find the opportunities that best fit my skills and experience. I would recommend Aimee’s coaching for anyone who is interested in putting together a plan to get the best possible results from their job search.”
~ DevOps Engineer

“I had a great experience working with Aimee. She was extremely knowledgeable and timely. I met her one evening, started working with her the next day, and we wrapped up everything the day after. The value I received for the price I paid was unparalleled. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Aimee to anyone seeking an unbiased, objective career coach or looking to network into the Portland community.”
~ Chief Executive Officer

“Aimee is a consummate professional, wrapped up in a creative, warm and charming personality. When it became obvious to me that I needed some professional help reviewing and energizing my career I turned to Aimee, perhaps one of the best things I have done for myself in years. She wastes no time getting to work, quickly identifying the tasks ahead. She is encouraging, positive and no-nonsense. I would highly recommend Aimee as a valuable resource AND an excellent value!”
~ Training Manager


“Aimee was a fantastic addition to the “Careers in Sustainability” panel at PSU. She really connected with the students and gave them great information about career preparation and strategic job search and also demonstrated a genuine understanding and compassion for their challenges. Aimee’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and students gave the panel rave reviews!”
~ Portland State University

“Aimee’s knowledge is bountiful, and she shared it generously through captivating stories, inspiring a group of people in the process. Also, Aimee has very effective and subtle communication skills. She tactfully articulated a difficult matter that needed to be heard, and in a way that was well received.”
~ Reach Community Development

“Aimee is a highly creative, talented professional with great communication and teamwork skills. For the past several years and at two different companies, Aimee provided internal company promotion and support for our volunteer outreach program to schools. She is passionate about contributing to community-based programs that support education. Her enthusiasm and effective collaboration skills enlisted many additional volunteers and she participated as a classroom volunteer herself. It is a pleasure to work with Aimee!”
~ Business Education Compact

“Aimee is a Connector Extraordinaire! She organizes events to connect university career centers and faculty with her organization to help us steer candidates her way. Having worked with Aimee since she transitioned from Volt to Puppet and positions in between, I can attest to her versatility and adaptability. She is also energetic and talented, and is generous in sharing her energy and talents. I always look forward to working with Aimee!”
~ Oregon Institute of Technology

“Aimee is the greatest mentor anybody could ask for. When she takes you under her wing, you can be certain you will learn much more than you bargained for. She is the most helpful, passionate and dedicated person you will ever meet. Her way of working is completely organic and she has an innate gift of bringing out the other person’s interests. Aimee is always looking to connect you with your passion and given her gift of talent spotting, it’s a recipe for success! She is as dedicated to weaving the fabric of sustainability within her organization, as she is to promoting women in technology outside the organization. Thank you for making it possible for me to learn so much! It has been a privilege knowing you.”
~ University of Oregon – Sustainability/IT Intern


“Aimee did an amazing job for us helping with recruiting multiple candidates in Engineering. She works extremely hard and goes well beyond what I’d expect of a recruiter, encouraging and helping us in strengthening our hiring practices. She’s very professional and provides a great amount of guidance that was invaluable to our efforts. I look forward to working with Aimee again in the future!”
~ VP Engineering @ Modsy

“Aimee is an excellent recruiter. She is very customer focused and the most dependable recruiter I have ever worked with. She is extremely professional, efficient, and very well connected.”
~ Engineering Manager @ TreeTop Commons, Modsy

“I am really happy with the work you provided and look forward to working with you in the future.”
~ VP Sales @ Northwest Analytics

“Aimee is a phenomenal recruiter. When we needed to hire a customer success manager, she helped ensure our job description was well crafted and articulated what we wanted in a new hire, efficiently managed the recruiting and interviewing process, and provided a sounding board as we selected the perfect candidate to join our team. She has a fantastic work ethic that really shines through in her attention to detail and thoroughness. Aimee is a great partner to work with when you’re recruiting — I highly recommend her!”
~ Director of Product @ RADAR, Inc.

“Aimee was a huge help when we needed to nearly double the size of our team. We were able to continue focusing on our product while Aimee provided us with only the best candidates. Along with the advice she provided, her services were invaluable.”
~ Engineering Manager @ Lytics

“Without a doubt Aimee is one of the finest recruiters I’ve had the pleasure of working with. From our first phone call to the day I selected the finalist, she was a dedicated professional, who took all of the guess work out of recruiting and hiring new employees. After gaining a full understanding of our engineering needs, not only did Aimee source qualified candidates, she also provided a complete screening process that ensures our objectives were met 100% across the board. I highly recommend Aimee to any company that is seeking a true partner to assist them in the facilitation of their hiring process.”
~ General Manager @ Daily Insight Group

“Working with Aimee was like having our own in-house recruiter! She was very effective and efficient and provided us with well-qualified candidates very quickly. We didn’t have to plow through the pile of applications, make the prescreen phone calls or handle any of the routine follow-up chores that can take up so much time. In addition, Aimee was able to provide us with a diverse pool of qualified candidates, from which we were delighted to find a woman who was a perfect fit for our requirements.”
~ Engineering Director @ Kavi (now Higher Logic)

“I’ve known Aimee since 2013 when she reached out to me for a cool role. Her professionalism and realistic expectation-setting as the search moved forward made me respect her professionalism and honesty. Recently, when we needed a key software engineer I reached out to Aimee and she rose to the challenge. The recruiting process was well structured and effective. We’ve had the newly hired engineer on our staff for several weeks and are extremely pleased with the level of contributions made to-date. I’ve even recommended Aimee to a former colleague of mine who’s filling a few roles.”
~ Chief Technology Officer @ OIA Global Logistics

“Aimee is great – she accelerated our recruiting process dramatically and helped us focus on the most qualified candidates. She took a ton of the “legwork” out of the process for us and kept things moving along. If you want to hire the right people faster, Aimee is a great partner.”
– Chief Operating Officer @ LittleBird (now Sprinklr)

“I’ll cut to the chase, much as Aimee does. After fielding ~120 applications without a fit, we brought in Aimee. A couple weeks later – interviewing only applicants that were a fit – we found our person and had an accepted offer. (Next time, I’ll just call her first.) Highly recommended.”
~ VP Product & Engineering @ LittleBird (now Sprinklr)

“After struggling to find & hire quality local job candidates, Aimee swooped in and immediately had positive results for us. Her extensive network, effective screening process, and clear & quick communication has been instrumental in the success of our recent hires and ongoing recruitment efforts. I appreciate her flexibility in achieving a process that works best for us, and she’s a joy to work with! I absolutely recommend her and plan to continue working with her in the future.”
~ Chief Technology Officer @ TreeTop Commons

“Our company always struggled with the hiring process, but when Aimee came along to help us things went great. She set up a very simple process, which made it easy for everyone involved to participate. She screened most of the candidates and allowed us to focus on the ones who really had merit. Every person she sent along for a formal interview was worth talking to and had both great skills and great personality, showing that she had picked them very well not only on the professional level but also on the culture fit one. The eventual candidate we ended up hiring has been truly fantastic, not only in the role we hired them for but also bringing positive change to the organization as a whole. I wholeheartedly recommend Aimee for any recruitment related activity, whether it’s finding candidates for a specific position or generally sprucing up the hiring process.”
~ Product Manager @ SellerEngine

“Aimee has been effective in sourcing great candidates for critical roles. She’s not afraid to express her experienced view on improving both the search and hiring process and provides great value as a recruiting partner. I recommend her highly.”
~ VP Engineering @ Vadio

“I have had the pleasure of working with Aimee on both sides of the recruiting process. She is an excellent recruiting strategist, who leverages a thoughtful process and a deep network, to fill difficult positions with the right candidate.”
~ Chief Operating Officer @ Snapflow

“Aimee helped us fill a position with a hard-to-find skillset in under one month, and took care of many details that saved us a lot of time. She also set the JobScore system for applicant tracking we now use, which has provided great value already in easing our hiring process. We will definitely use Aimee again.”
~ Chief Executive Officer @ Obility Consulting

“If I hadn’t seen the thorough methodology and diligence combined with an unparalleled regional network with my own eyes, the speed that we hired a senior-level candidate that Aimee provided would have seemed like a magic trick. We had been looking for months, and turned to Aimee as a last resort. Fast results, fun to work with, highest integrity possible. Next time, she’ll not only be our first call, but we’ll engage her consultancy as early in the process as possible.”
~ VP Product @ Trek Global

“Aimee is without doubt the best recruiter to produce results I’ve used in my 20+ years in the software industry. She totally hones in on the right candidates, refining the screening process so we don’t waste time, unlike many other recruiters who cycle through warm bodies. The signal to noise ratio with Aimee is excellent. Highly recommended.”
~ Director of Engineering @ Monsoon Commerce, ID Experts, RADAR

“I engaged Aimee to work with my client to fill a sales position that they were struggling with. She worked diligently to exceed our expectations and in a short time the position was filled with an excellent candidate. I’d highly recommend her to other companies who need to add great talent to their team, quickly.”
~ Owner @ Nordic Services

“Aimee brought us two very qualified candidates within days of retaining her and we hired the second one. She was incredibly helpful and has a great process.”
~ Chief Executive Officer @ Impact Dialing

“Aimee was a great help in providing structure to our hiring process and somehow managed to find us two outstanding hires in less than a month. Highly recommended.”
~ Engineering Manager @ LegitScript

“Aimee is the best of the best in her field. I would highly recommend her to other Portland tech companies.”
~ Director of Sales @ Paydici

“Aimee is truly one of a kind, offering an inspired, unique approach to finding superb and rare talent in a dramatically competitive hiring market. Prepare to be wowed – Aimee will help build your company’s level of excellence in ways you never imagined. I cannot wait to hire her again.”
~ VP Engineering & Product @ Monsoon Commerce

“Aimee is the best technical recruiter I’ve used in 7 years of tech hiring. In 30 days she sourced, screened, and placed 5 different top notch technical hires at GigaPan across three states. She delivered daily updates, coordinated interview teams, and handled every detail with professionalism and speed. Aimee makes good hiring look easy.”
~ Chief Financial Officer @ GigaPan, Jama

“I’ve loved working with Aimee. I’ve never worked with an in-house recruiter before and didn’t expect much, but now I can’t imagine doing my job without her. She’s always extremely focused on the type of person I need for my team and the help that I need to find those people. She goes out of her way to make sure that candidates and interviews succeed; she never says, “that’s not my job.” I would absolutely work with Aimee again.”
~ VP User Experience @ Puppet

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