For Everyone:

How to Hire the Right Talent to Take Your Company Forward (podcast/interview)

A Recruiter’s Thoughts on Startup Hiring for Job Seekers and Hiring Teams (Guest Blog – Silicon Florist)

5 Genius Ways to Better Your Career by Leveraging the Job You Already Have

For Hiring Managers & Their Teams:

An Employer’s Guide to Interviewing

Awesome Interns – a presentation to PIE

For Recruiters:

The State of Social Recruiting


For JobSeekers:

4 Non-Annoying Ways to Follow Up After an Interview

5 Things You Should Know about Job Recruiters

Silicon Florist

Top Workplaces: To find a job in Portland or elsewhere, look for people

The 2013 Job Journey Conclusion – and Many Many Thanks!

 3 Ways LinkedIn Profiles Affect Professional Perception

5 Things People Reading Your Resume Wish You Knew

Curious About a Company’s Culture? 6 Questions to Ask in an Interview

For Business Owners: 

Gold Dog Consulting


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