Leaving a positive imprint…

Imprint PDX was founded by Aimee Levens in 2012 to fill a vital need for small companies in the Pacific Northwest who lack the benefit of an in-house recruiter, help recruiters who want to improve their time to fill, and mentor individuals looking to make a change in their career.

  • As a recruiting consultant, she serves her clients with the same energy and commitment that she provided to her past employers – overseeing the entire recruiting process from start to finish, promoting her clients as employers of choice, and using her extensive network to strengthen candidate pools.
  • As a career coach, she works with individuals one-on-one to develop effective resumes, strong interviewing skills, increase their network, and assist them in navigating through career transitions.
  • As a writer, she contributes to a variety of local career blogs including Mac’s List and Silicon Florist, and writes a weekly career column, 9 to 5, as part of her own blog. She’s also been interviewed by The Oregonian, Brazen Careers, and FiveSeed, along with contributing guest blog posts to many other professional sites.

Aimee brings 19+ years of experience in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources, having worked in a diverse range of fields including software, apparel, publishing, nonprofit, manufacturing, government and environmental services. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management, and has been Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certified since 2004.

Aimee has a reputation for delivering high-caliber results within a quickly evolving profession, partnering with hiring teams to create strategies for attracting, retaining and developing talent, and using her extensive and diverse personal, professional, and social networks to bring people and companies together. As a recruiter, she’s worked in corporate, agency, and independent consulting roles for companies of all sizes, from 3 to 30,000+ employees.  Aimee’s clients know they’re getting a recruiter who won’t “sell” to them – she is genuinely passionate about what she does, with strong relationships in the community and an ability to implement strong processes that both improve candidate experience and decrease time-to-fill.

Community Involvement
Aimee’s life and career has always been about building relationships, partnering with local schools and nonprofits to create stronger relationships between the business, academic, and nonprofit communities.  She has volunteered extensively with Start Making A Reader Today (SMART) at her local elementary school in the diverse Woodlawn neighborhood, and donates a percentage of her monthly income to local nonprofits.

Aimee is dedicated to walking the talk when it comes to sustainability, and it is shown frequently in her company business practices, as well as her lifestyle which includes obsessive gardening, exploring the world, photography, urban homesteading and living car-free. An avid writer, she writes several columns in her blog, interviewing those in the community, documenting her own efforts, and sharing her findings as she strives to implement small changes that make a big difference.

Click HERE to connect with Aimee!

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