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Aimee Levens Consulting was founded in 2012 to fill a vital need for startups and small-to-medium size companies who lack the benefit of an in-house recruiter, help recruiters who want to improve their time to fill, and mentor individuals looking to make a change in their career.

  • As a recruiting consultant, I bring 20+ years of experience in Recruiting & HR, overseeing the entire recruiting process from start to finish via retained search, improving processes and strategies, promoting clients as employers of choice, advising on ways to improve diversity, and using my extensive network to strengthen candidate pools. With an average time-to-fill of 30 days over the past 7+ years, I am known for my refreshing honesty, challenging the status quo, making the lives of hiring teams easier, and ensuring candidates are treated with respect, all while getting the job done.
  • As a career coach, I work with job seekers one-on-one to develop a more effective resume, strengthen their interview skills, increase vital networks by making genuine connections, and assist individuals in navigating through career transitions. Unlike many career coaches and resume writers, I bring the street cred of someone who recruits for a living, and will therefore always tell it like it truly is out there on the receiving end of the resume. My job is to share my knowledge and empower my clients to go forth in their desired career direction, and there is nothing better than hearing them say, “


Along with 20+ years in Recruiting & HR (including software, apparel, publishing, nonprofit, manufacturing, government and environmental consulting), managing full cycle recruitments and building recruiting strategies and processes, I hold my BS in Human Resources Management, and maintained my Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification from 2004-2016.

I am known for delivering high-caliber results within quickly evolving industries, partnering with hiring teams via retained search to create and implement strategies for attracting, retaining and developing talent, and using my extensive and diverse personal, professional, and social networks to bring people and companies together.

As a recruiter, I’ve worked in corporate, agency, and consulting roles for companies of all sizes, from 3 to 30,000+ employees, utilizing my well-honed experience to advise, innovate and get bona fide results.

My clients know they’re getting a partner who won’t “sell” to them – I am genuinely passionate about what I do, with strong relationships in the community, high integrity and an ability to build and implement strong processes that both improve candidate experience and decrease time-to-fill.
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